Private Sessions

In Studio Private Yoga Sessions: Just beginning, or wanting to take your practice to the next level? Schedule a private session. One-on-one attention or small private sessions are necessary to evaluate and correct alignment in postures, and to ensure proper understanding of each pose. Prepare to be showered with attention and love during your session.


$80 per hour (individual)
$100 per hour (group rate 2 to 4 participants)

**A commitment of 5 to 10 sessions is required. All packages expire within 4 months. No refunds. See the pricing & forms  page for more information and to learn more about in-home private sessions.


Reiki Session: Unblock, release and heal with a Reiki Session.  Reiki means “universal life force.” Universal life force  is what sustains us and continuously flows through us.  Due to the stress and pressures of everyday life, we can become clouded and affected by life experiences and the environment in which we live.  This ancient healing art which began as a form of meditation, is facilitated by a Reiki attuned practitioner, who places his or her hands on or hovering above different locations on the body.  Through long static holds, life energy is transmitted to clear the blocked energy lines within the person.  Be Touched with Love, Heal Yourself.

Private Reiki Session Pricing

$40 per half hour
$80 per hour

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