What is Yoga?

Yoga means union. Through the practice, the mind, body, and spirit begin to work symbiotically. As a person learns how to breathe efficiently and connect their breath with body movement, the movements of the body and the thoughts within the mind become refined, intentional and focused.

The physical practice of Yoga is called Asana. Asanas are physical postures created by the body in space. Linking the breath with the movement, the body transitions from posture to posture building internal heat called tapas. Tapas cleanses the internal organs and glands, oxygenates the blood and joints, and clears the mind of disjointed thoughts which lead to stress, anxiety, depression and anger.

The breathing practice of Yoga is called Pranayama. This practice removes blockages within the system, allowing the system to function as it is meant, clear of illness and pain. Deep breathing ignites the spine and helps regulate the nervous system bringing balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

My approach to teaching yoga is as a prescription, just as a doctor determines the needs of his or her patient; I prescribe technique and methods to my students.

My mission as a yoga teacher, is to help teach each student how to maintain balance in every facet of their lives, by supplying them with the tools they need to create equilibrium.

A disciplined pracitce of yoga brings transformative effects:

Strengthens the body
Focuses the mind
Boosts serotonin levels
Decreases anxiety, depression and fear
Improves sleep
Enhances the immune system
Stabilizes blood sugar levels
Releases muscle tension
Prevents premature aging and illnesses

Yoga is the portal to preventative healthcare and a long healthy fulfilling life.

Here are some yoga pose instructional articles to get you started. ~Rebecca

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