About the Studio


As the great yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyengar once wrote, “The moment you say ‘I have got it,’ you have lost everything you had. As soon as something comes, you have to go one step further. Then there is evolution. The moment you say ‘I am satisfied with that,’ that means stagnation has come. That is the end of your learning; you have closed the windows of your intellect. So let me do what I cannot do, not what I can do.”

This is the essence and mantra of Yogalution.

Yogalution calls when you are ready. When you need to replenish, to see, to know. When you need to feel safe, protected and free to express yourself, you find your way.  Yogalution is not just a studio, it is a home where all are welcome and loved.

Rebecca’s classes are open to every level of student.


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